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BIMI Researchers

Irene Bloemraad

Irene BloemraadProfessor of Sociology
How do immigrants become incorporated into the political communities where they live? What are the consequences of their presence for politics and understandings of membership? Irene Bloemraad’s research investigates how immigration reshapes electoral and contentious politics in North America and Europe, and the contours of citizenship and national identity.

Read an interview with Bloemraad discussing her work on the National Academy of Sciences report on immigrant integration in the United States.


Kim Voss

Kim VossProfessor of Sociology
How does immigration reshape American workers’ identities? Kim Voss’s research examines the dilemmas currently facing the U.S. labor movement, compares the resonance of claims made on behalf of citizens and noncitizens in social movements, and investigates the shifting terrain of U.S. higher education.


Kathryn Abrams

Kathryn Abrams, Herma Hill Kay Distinguished Professor of Law
A longstanding expert on feminist jurisprudence, Professor Abrams is currently doing research on immigrant justice mobilization. Drawing on ethnographic research in Arizona, Abrams is interested in the use of emotion, identity and activism to mobilize against state and federal immigration law and their stigmatizing consequences.


Catherine Albiston

Catherine AlbistonProfessor of Law and Affiliated Professor in Sociology
How can public interest law organizations provide access to justice to underrepresented communities, including immigrants? Catherine Albiston’s research examines the relationship between law, social movements and social change. She is currently conducting a study of more than 200 public interest law firms that examines how funding sources and other environmental factors affect their strategy, structure, and mission. 


Patricia Baquedano-Lopez

Patricia Baquedano-LópezAssociate Professor of Education and Chair, Center for Latino Policy Research
Which educational practices and policies promote immigrant children’s academic success? Baquedano-López’s ethnographic research addresses hemispheric migration and the politics of return migration with a focus on indigenous Maya students in California public schools whose families come from Yucatan, Mexico. Another project examines simultaneous processes of urban integration and social exclusion in early education centers in Aubervilliers in Paris, France.


Lisa García Bedolla

Lisa García Bedolla, Chancellor’s Professor, Graduate School of Education
Professor García Bedolla’s research focuses on immigrant political and educational integration in the United States. Working with community based organizations and other stakeholders, she has developed a set of best practices for enhancing civic engagement and educational equity for immigrant communities in California and beyond.


Carolyn Chen

Carolyn Chen, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies
How does religion shape the process of becoming American?  How is immigration changing the American religious landscape? Carolyn Chen's research examines the relationship between religion, race, ethnicity, and immigration in the United States. 


Catherine Choy

Catherine Ceniza Choy, Professor of Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies and Ethnic Studies
Catherine Ceniza Choy's research interests include the history of Asian migrations to the United States, and the impact of trans-Pacific migration on American and Asian societies. Her books have featured histories of Filipino nurse migration and Asian international adoption in the United States. Listen to Catherine Ceniza Choy discuss the history of Asian international adoption.


Dennis Feehan

Dennis FeehanAssistant Professor in Demography
Dennis Feehan is a demographer and quantitative social scientist.   His research interests lie at the intersection of networks, demography, and quantitative methodology. 


Cybelle Fox

Cybelle Fox, Associate Professor of Sociology
When, where, and why do local, state and national governments exclude non-citizens from social welfare programs? Cybelle Fox’s research examines the influence of race and immigration on the scope, form, and function of American social welfare provision throughout the 20th century.


Seth Holmes

Seth HolmesAssociate Professor of Public Health and Medical Anthropology and Co-Chair of the Berkeley Center for Social Medicine
Seth Holmes is currently investigating social hierarchies and health inequalities in the context of U.S.-Mexico migration, the ways in which these inequalities become understood to be natural and normal in society and in health care, and the moments in which these inequalities are resisted or challenged.  See Seth Holmes give a TED talk on his research about health, migrant farmworkers and our food system. 


Taeku Lee

Taeku LeeProfessor of Political Science and Law
How are Asian Americans and immigrant-origin voters transforming American politics? What influences the public’s attitudes on migration and diversity? Taeku Lee studies processes of immigrant political incorporation. He is especially interested in the role of language, identity, and political parties in shaping immigrants' civic and political engagement. See an interview with Lee discussing his research on race, politics and immigration.


Katerina Linos

Katerina LinosProfessor of Law, Co-director, Miller Institute for Global Challenges and the Law
Katerina Linos’ research and teaching interests include international law, comparative law, European Union law, employment law and health care law.  Her research examines why law reforms and policy innovations spread around the world in waves. She is currently studying the refugee crisis in Europe.


Cristina Mora

Cristina MoraAssistant Professor of Sociology
Cristina Mora’s research focuses mainly on questions of racial and ethnic categorization, organizations, and immigration.  See an interview with Mora discussing her book Making Hispanics.


Kurt Organista

Kurt Organista, Professor, School of Social Welfare  
Kurt Organista studies Latino physical and mental health, with a focus on HIV risk, alcohol abuse and depression. Current research focuses on the structural vulnerability of Latino migrant day laborers in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Annalee Saxenian

AnnaLee Saxenian, Dean and Professor in the School of Information
How do lower skilled immigrants fit into the technology ecosystem of Silicon Valley and other regions throughout California? This is the question that currently drives Professor Annabelle Saxenian’s research. Her past projects include examination of highly skilled immigration to California, and the social, economic, and political links these immigrants have built to their home countries through “brain circulation.”


Sarah Song

Sarah Song, Professor of Law and Associate Professor of Political Science
If people wish to migrate across borders in search of a better life, why shouldn’t they be able to? States exercise power over borders, but what legitimates this power? What are the moral and legal grounds and limits of the modern state’s power over immigration? Sarah Song's research explores the normative foundations of state control over immigration and the rights of migrants. Listen to Sarah Song discuss borders and nations.  


Leti Volpp

Leti Volpp, Robert D. and Leslie Kay Raven Professor of Law
How should liberal democracies respond to the cultural practices of immigrant communities? How should legal regimes respond to noncitizens whose experiences do not track the trajectory of legal admission, naturalization, and full civic membership?  Leti Volpp's research studies the relationship between migration, culture, identity and citizenship.  Listen to an interview with Leti Volpp


Chris Zepeda-Millan

Chris Zepeda-MillánAssistant Professor in Ethnic Studies and Faculty Chair of the Center for Research on Social Change
Chris Zepeda-Millán's research focuses on issues related to social movements, immigration, race, Latino politics, and interdisiplinary research methods.

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